Truth & Reconciliation

At the December 4th, 2017 event Reconciliation: Past, Present and Future (follow up to the August 2017 On the Land Indigenous Gathering),  the speakers offered advice and actions that we can take in our daily lives to work towards decolonization and reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians.  From these discussions, we are compiling a list of books, articles and other resources so that we can form a better foundation of knowledge and understanding to build relationships from and transform society together.  

A great place to start is Michelle Lorna Nahanee's Playing Post-Colonial: a decolonizing activity book for the woke and the weary.  To quote one of the flashcards: "ten little indians are tired of performing unpaid emotional labour to explain indigenous issues and culture".  And in Michelle's words at the event: "There are so many great books ... once you've read a few of them, we can totally talk." 

So, let's start this journey and get reading! 

***You can contribute to this document below!  Fill out the form to share any good resources on the topic of truth, reconciliation, and decolonization.***