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A new hands on learning model exclusively for local, socially and environmentally conscious businesses that blends a marketplace with business development training and mentorship. 

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The Groundswell Test Market is designed to reduce the risk associated with early stage small businesses.

The program starts with a Kick Off Weekend (Friday evening & Saturday daytime) where you will set up a mock booth for feedback, connect with your peers, and participate in hands on workshops that will give you the tools that will help you improve and develop your business during the market season.   

Over the summer, you will booth for 5 - 10  days on Granville Island where you will apply learned testing techniques and processes to make the most of your booth and interactions with the public.

Follow up workshops on social media marketing, customer engagement and A/B testing, bookkeeping and business validation will happen throughout the market season as you learn and evolve. Plus, you'll get one on one mentoring time on project management and other topics of your choice.

You will:

  • Learn about pricing, marketing, operations, and communications at a series of expert-led workshops.

  • Receive personalized feedback and mentorship on your business, product, or service.

  • Are you just one voice in the noisy world of online marketing?  Amplify your reach with our collaborative marketing efforts, harnessing the online community of Groundswell and your fellow market vendors.

  • Connect to a strong network of socially-minded entrepreneurs and our resources through Groundswell Membership after the program ends.

  • Gain access to sought after real estate on Granville Island and other bustling locales in Vancouver. We built the relationships at these amazing places, you just have to show up.

  • Includes 5 - 10 market days on Granville Island, plus a la carte access to local festivals.

  • Get an easy "in" to high traffic markets with little investment as we supply the tents, tables, and chairs. 

  • Reduce the risk of launching a new product or service by testing and refining it before you make a big investment.

  • Learn how to collect and incorporate feedback from real interactions with the buying public so you can improve your business offer.

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