District ART | Daniela Guerrero-Rodriguez | Cohort 8

District ART

District ART creates social change with communities through education, connection and empowerment.

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My passion is for community wellness through the arts. Since childhood I have always understood the value of community collaboration and how this contributes to wellbeing, and have used arts and crafts for my own self care. For over 20 years I have been working with people that struggle with mental health, homelessness and poverty, both locally and internationally. In my travels I found the power of art in creating dialogue, understanding and action. I returned to Vancouver after being away for almost 11 years, and I discovered that I was missing some of the arts and culture that many of my other neighbourhoods had. I knew Vancouver was going to be my home for the next while, so I was determined to create the community I missed. I moved downtown, joined the WE Arts Society and began a Masters in Arts for Social Change. I would like to have a business or non-profit that supports local artists in contributing to their communities to effect social change and perhaps policy change.

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