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Real Stories of Starting Up | Potluck Social

What does it actually take to start up your own socially conscious small business? 

What does a day in the life of a social entrepreneur really look like?

Meet these courageous, young Groundswell alumni who have taken the change they want to see in the world into their own hands.  They are putting their heart and sweat into building cooperatives, small businesses and social enterprises, and they want to share then ups and downs of this rollercoaster reality of entrepreneurship with you!

The Panel

woodshop chris jessica max.jpg

Chris Nichols

Co-founder and worker owner, Wood Shop Workers Coop

Chris started the Wood Shop in 2013 to build a democratic business model that contributes to social and environmental resilience by using waste wood and ethically sourced material to build beautiful things. 


Trixie Ling

Founder, Flavours of Hope

Trixie just launched Flavours of Hope this year with the vision of creating a food based incubator for immigrant and refugee women.  She has already produced multiple sold out dinners to test her concept and build a community around her social venture.

CONlan big smile.jpg

Conlan Mansfield

Founder, Feral Strength

Conlan launched Feral in 2015 with the belief that physical movement and strength has the ability to transform lives and communities. He is currently training athletes and delivering youth leadership programs from a small gym in downtown Vancouver. 

Iona Fresnoza free trade.png

Iona Fresnoza

Co-founder, CoffeeAid

Iona is hustling hard to connect Philippine coffee growers to our caffeine crazed city of Vancouver while roasting her own batches and working a full time job in immigration support services.  She founded CoffeeAid in 2005 and keeps this passion project burning hot with her incredible skill as a social connector.


What's happening

5:30 - Doors. Get settled and grab a drink
6:00 - Panel discussion + q&a
7:00 - Potluck!  Bring a dish to share or contribute $10 to the pot when you RSVP and we'll make sure there's plenty to go around!

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