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Platform Cooperativism: Alternatives to the Sharing Economy and Collaborative Consumption

This informal session will introduce the idea of Platform Cooperativism, and disseminate learning from the New School’s Nov 13/14 NYC conference on this theme:


Katherine Reilly, Assistant Professor, School of Communication, SFU
Enda Brophy, Assistant Professor, School of Communication, SFU
Marianela Ramos Capelo, FCAT Fellowship Recipient, School of Communication, SFU
Tara Mahoney, PhD Student, School of Communication, SFU
Chris Diplock, Ponder Research and Sharing Vancouver 

Katherine Reilly will explain how Platform Cooperativism holds out the promise of more economically and ecologically sustainable alternative to either the Sharing Economy (e.g. Uber or AirBnB) or Collaborative Consumption (e.g. Lift or Couch Surfing).  Enda Brophey will speak on collective organizing in response to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a micro-task broker.  Marianela Ramos Capelo will explain how online reputation management systems manage labour within sharing platforms, and she will describe some nascent alterantives.  Tara Mahoney will discuss the challenges of integrating Platform Cooperativism into local communities.  Finally, Chris Diplock will offer some thoughts on how these issues relate to Cooperativism in Vancouver and BC. 

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