Mariana Gassmann | Marian's Art Studio | Cohort 9

Tap into your creative self to improve your lifestyle

Mariana is an artist, teacher and a community facilitator. She believe the creative process can be a driver for lifestyle improvements, and she is passionate about helping others in this learning journey.

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 She has worked as a technology consultant for more than 15 years and dedicated her spare time to arts and crafts. This hobby became an important part of my life.

It became a way for her to recover, relax and create beautiful moments of enjoyment.

 In 2014, she began to share her experiences by facilitating creative workshops. Her dream was to create a permanent space where adults could learn, find inspiration, and share this interest with others.

Marian's Art Studio offers craft, art and upcycling workshops for adults looking to improve their lifestyle by engaging in creative activities.

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June 13 | 5:30PM | Heritage Hall