This Saturday Night: It's Not Business As Usual

This is an invitation to action. Join us at Cafe Deux Soleils on Saturday, July 26th at 8:00 pm for an evening of great ideas about transforming the economy, and a path forward to make those ideas a reality.

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We all feel it: that wellspring of energy for major change to the current economic system. It's welling up between us, and the tidal waves of development rushing towards our neighbourhoods. Right now, as tides are shifting around us, we need to come together and define that change as we see it and need it to be.  Then we need a plan for action. That's what Groundswell is all about.

We're figuring out what real change - change that is substantial, not superficial - to the economic system looks like, and then working with young people to make it happen. We know the current economy is the product of all our collective actions, and we're working on ways to shift those actions in favour of greater justice, love and solidarity.

Adding fuel to the conversation:

Geoff Mann is an SFU professor & author of Disassembly Required: A Field Guide to Actually Existing Capitalism.  He will refer to the final chapter of this book and start a conversation on demonetizing our personal relationships and practicing an practical anti-capitalist ethic in our daily life.

Gilad Babchuk is a Groundswell facilitator and co-founder.  Drawing on his experiences establishing alternative schools in Israel and working with social innovation internationally, Gilad will provide inspiring examples of alternative social innovation initiatives happening world wide.

Reilly Yeo is a Groundswell facilitator with a decade of non-profit experience including Managing Director at Open Media.  She will start the discussion on media democracy and it's growing relevance in our changing economy - for better or worst.

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