This is me jumping out of my comfort zone

I have half an hour to write this blog.  I work best with a deadline so lets see how this goes. comfort zone

Just read Kim’s post (first of the year) and that may have been a mistake.  Now I feel like my random ramblings are not going to measure up.  I can’t write like that.  Why did I volunteer to write the second week blog?  Oh yeah, cause I DID NOT WANT TO.

This class has a greater purpose for me, for all of us I am sure.  I am here to better mine and my daughter’s life while simultaneously changing the world (or at least my small corner with my unique set of talents and passions).  Accomplishing this in 8 short months is going to require me leaving my comfort zone repeatedly.  So when there was a blank spot on week 2 blog sign up and I DID NOT WANT TO WRITE I jumped out of my comfort zone.

It’s Monday night of week three and I promised Paola that I would get the blog to her tonight so now I don't have time to write the post... then obsess over it...and change it for the next few weeks before feeling confident; and that is not comfortable.

Looking back at the last week; I remember driving to Groundswell Monday morning and I was struck with this overwhelming sense of gratitude.  That my MONDAY consisted of getting to go to this amazing space with this group of amazing people and I get to create an amazing business to do amazing things.  (No time to thesaurus amazing synonyms)

We started half hour early that day and more rush of gratitude as Spencer brought the promised french press for coffee. Then Gilad shared his timeline.  I don't think it is possible to watch someone be vulnerable telling their authentic story and not fall in love with the beauty in them.  And so I felt myself fall in love with each member of my small group as they shared their own timelines.  I saw a piece of myself in them.  But maybe even more important I saw a piece of my daughter in them.  That spark of beauty and uniqueness that we all posses and alter along our life path.  It is a truth that I found with the birth of my daughter.  We are all worthy of love simply for existing.

The was a lot of great things covered the second week.  Theory of change, Gilad’s interpretation of “Little house on the periphery” and how our education system works. We ended Tuesday with a spiral of learning.  After that lesson, I gave myself permission to get stuck and feel uncomfortable with my project, with new and old material and even in relationships and so I took myself up on that offer.  I spent the rest of the week feeling kinda bad for no reason I have yet to pinpoint. I think I just wanted to get to the deeper learning and first I must pass through all the “seasons” of learning.  So I moved on to fall and winter knowing that monday morning would bring a new spring.  And since I am writing this on Monday...spoiler alert….it did.



written by Jubilee, Groundswell participant