The faceless markets

"When people talk about the markets, it's easy to think of it as faceless, something that happens high above us. But the market is made up of people, millions of them, constantly at work, every price set by a willing buyer, finding a willing seller. There's a pristine elegance to it. But what if that simple price-matching mechanism is broken? In example after example, case after case, insiders are exploiting their advantage. It's as if everything is rigged." At Groundswell, we're tapping into our felt sense that something is wrong with the current economy – and you can see that this visceral, felt sense of wrongness about the current conditions is spreading from the margins, from the periphery, closer and closer into the mainstream. Even the CBC is presenting a thorough critique of our winner-take-all, casino-style economic system:

One of the tenets of Groundswell is that this economic logic, as currently practiced, isn't inevitable. We're challenging our participants to do something about this - to build a new, more collaborative way of doing business that emphasizes the common good and leaves no-one behind. It's about a lot more than unrigging markets - it's about recognizing that the profit motive and unbridled competition have unmoored our communities, but that we still have the ingenuity and the love required to reground our economy in values like sharing, solidarity, and care.