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Alumni Profile: Irina McKenzie - Circular Economy Fashionista

Alumni Profile: Irina McKenzie - Circular Economy Fashionista

Irina came to Canada with a background in law and retail, and a love of fashion and the environment. She was also done with a regular career. She turned a lay off at work into the springboard she needed to jump into a new life as an entrepreneur. Read how she made the leap and is now leading the conversation and taking action in textile recycling and reuse in Metro Vancouver with her three ventures.

Meet Irina McKenzie, Groundswell board member

Irina McKenzie is a social entrepreneur and an avid advocate of the Circular Economy and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Taking special interest in textile waste, Irina founded FABCYCLE, a B2B collection service of textile waste to enable designers to disrupt the cycle of garment production and transform waste into resources by finding innovative outlets to reuse, recycle and recover fabric waste.

Prior to FABCYCLE, Irina has founded Frameworq, an event-based initiative that brings together designers and consumers to explore the relationship we have with our clothes using a hands-on experiential approach.

Frameworq has partnered with various organizations to fuse collaboration and curiosity into sustainability in apparel, hosting events such as design challenges, recurring fix it events, clothing swaps, exhibitions and fashion shows.