Storytelling for Groundswell

by Chris, co-producer at Lazarus Upcycle, with help from Emma Storytelling was at the forefront of discussion this week, from Amanda’s presentation on marketing and branding, ie. how the story of your project will be told to stakeholders and customers, and Charles Tsai’s workshop on the crafting of narrative for crowd-funding campaigns, to our focus in community time on recruitment for next year, and what kind of stories will get what kinds of new groundswellers.

It made me want to communicate in the sort of narrative I enjoy the most: poem.

We sit on stolen land wondering, where the voice is coming from where authority is vested the place from which our stories may be rightly told What kind of people are we? Whose stories sneeze out our mouths, into a world of arrow-like precision targeted markets, bulls-eyes             in china shops? It does not exist; it cannot hold my business has only cold bare facts the story must cleanly unfold.

But what kind of brand sears into the problem?

We do not know (Are we there yet?) But continue to crawl toward projects             launching into the stratosphere holding on tight, enjoying the ride,


Can the story be a question,      Do our tongues know the words? Can we ask together,      Must the voices yield to the sanitized world?

This search: finding ground for the unclean story. Progress muddled and path never ending; weary, I’m looking. Hands outstretched Mouths open

We’re reaching.