Some elements of a week at Groundswell

From one of our participants, Russell: Community Agreements2013-09-30 10.23.37

A very pertinent meeting was held at Groundswell to begin discussions about designing some foundational framework for our fresh and budding community. Wonderfully facilitated by Neelam and Chanel (Groundswell participants), the collective brainstorm has thus far produced ten community agreements, which we will attempt to live by in hopes of creating a loving, supportive and creative learning environment.

Networks, Technology and Your Project, with Reilly

We started with Yochai Benkler's thoughts on “social production.” We asked: Can we ethically use social production for the benefits of our own projects? We looked at projects like Wikipedia, Linux, Drupal & Mozilla Firefox to ask how they have created livelihoods for people.

We then looked at Dan Pink's ideas via an extremely well-calculated RSA animation, “The surprising truth about what motivates us.” His answer: Mastery, Autonomy Purpose. Thinking through motivation is especially important in organizations where we want participation to be voluntary, in the way that social production is. How can technology & network effects help us create mastery, autonomy and purpose so that people will be motivated to work without feeling coerced or dependent on financial incentives?

Social Innovations Around the World, with Gilad

Gilad's Spiral:

Without witnessing Gilad's theatrics and listening to his tangential stories while he draws you his “spiral” on a flappy white piece of paper, it's hard to convey his message so beautifully in words.

Basically, in order to progress, grow and learn in life, one must trustingly and bravely go toward the “unknown” and feel the doubt and confusion that comes with it.

As you grow, you'll eventually climb out of the “unknown” and find yourself on the path toward the “known” realm. However, being in the “know” can only last so long before your inevitable plummet toward the “unknown” again. Continue this process and you are ever expanding in the spiral of life, or something like that.

How Money Works, with Gerry

In small groups we began to design and think about what it takes to create our own types of currency.

Co-Developing Community Research Tools, with Uffe

We asked: What is it to be a researcher? How must we conduct ourselves as researches in our community? What steps is a Groundswell participant to take in moving forward with the development of their own project?

Selena Couture, a Groundswell board member, came to discuss Decolonizing Methodologies by Linda Tuhiwai Smith in combination with the concept of “participatory research.” It was great!

We also went on a tour of the Fresh Roots Urban Farm and has a potluck at another participant Heidi's house, home of the Hammock Residency.