A helping of super local food expert & entrepreneur Ryan Spong of Tacofino & food.ee

tacofino truckWhen : Tuesday, April 14th @ 5:30 pmWhere: Groundswell Cafe & Learning Space, 566 Powell St. Why: Because slow food/zero waste/local business expert and entrepreneur Ryan Spong is in the clubhouse for a q&a session...and he's bringing burritos to share!

**Interested in what Groundswell is doing? Stay for a Groundswell Info Session after the chat!***

ryan spongWho:  In Ryan's words:
I'm entrepreneurial by definition in that I initiate calculated risks to take advantage of opportunities through innovation or improvement. I have experience in public and private markets and I've channeled that entrepreneurial attitude into everything I've done.
But I'm also an entrepreneur who has a history of starting, growing and selling innovative businesses. When I returned to Vancouver, I leveraged my experience, contacts and licenses (NASD and BCSC) to form Mainstreet Advisors, a boutique financing company, which raised several million dollars for public companies, some of which I've served as CEO and CFO.
food.eeI lost interest in public markets - at least the Venture market - and Mainstreet now focuses on incubating business ideas. In 2006, we founded Raincity Rock with two very talented operators which we sold in 2013 to a civil contractor. In 2008, we established Preform Construction - a sustainable high-end prefab manufacturer - with Architect firm AARobins, which we closed in the 2011 housing crash and sold for assets. In 2010, I invested and partnered in Tacofino Cantina. We cook surf-inspired, Asian-Mexican fusion with a focus on slow-food practices and reducing our waste. We support the people who support us by giving back to the communities we serve through volunteerism and donations.
In September 2013, I joined Foodee and we instituted a loco bccommitment to quality and best practices. It's a high growth story that our team is very proud of.
I spend my free time advocating for local business on the LOCO BC board and enjoying Mount Pleasant where I live with my wife Chloe, my boys Sawyer and Kincaid and our dog, Gucci."