ReSchool: Transform the Future of Learning - May 29th & 30th

Presented by RADIUS, Groundswell, and Ashoka

ReSchool is a hands-on conference+design sprint for education innovators of all stripes. We’re working to create community across sector boundaries, push bold thinking, and prototype new models, together.

Whether you are designing a whole new school or independent program, a teacher pursuing innovative curriculum models, or a student or passionate amateur with bold ideas for how to make education better, this is the place to find inspiration, like minds, and collaborators in bringing those ideas to life. Join us!

Announcement! **Charles Tsai is our Day 2 Keynote and check out these 6 education innovation cases that you'll see at the event.**



When – May 29th and May 30th, 2015 Who – Up to 100 innovators and practitioners drawn from institutions, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, and beyond. Project teams will be diverse. Where – SFU Surrey (across the street from the Surrey Central skytrain) 250-13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey, B.C., Canada V3T 0A3

Ticket Info Institutional participant – $400 Individual participant – $225 Student participant – $100 Get your ticket here!

There are a limited number of bursaries available for participants who face financial barriers. Please apply here by May 1st; applications may be considered on a rolling basis.

Program details A very hands on and very full 2-day event designed to inspire, practice, and prototype:

Day 1 o   provocation and inspiration on education innovation; o   community building; o   unearthing key design principles for the future of learning, through building your dream program with a small team over and afternoon; o   community debrief; and o   design sprint pitches.

Day 2 o   deep dive case studies of emerging models drawn from participants; o   training in design sprints for innovation; o   forming teams to build prototypes for the future of education (new independent schools, innovation school prototype concepts, new local or national programs etc.); and o   a wrap-up showcase of prototypes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Participate?  

Anyone who has a passion for learning and education is invited to participate. Even more specifically, anyone who is interested in the revitalization, reformation and reinvention of education as we know it today, will be keenly interested in this experience.

This might mean you are an educator or administrator working in the formal K – 12 or post-secondary system. Or, it might mean you are a practitioner or informal educator who builds your own curricula. It might even mean you are a student — a passionate amateur — who has big bold ideas for what you wish your education could be. We want you there too. In fact you’re central to this process.

 This doesn’t look like a typical conference: What will I get out of participating?

A central goal of ReSchool is to move from just talking about what education could be to actually creating the models we wish existed. We notice a pretty strong correlation between the style of traditional conferences and current mainstream models of education: Sit. Listen. Repeat.

How can we innovate education when our convening models are structured in the exact same way? To innovate education we must innovate the processes we use to gather. ReSchool is our attempt to do this.

When we first conceived of the idea, we summarized it as StartUp Weekend for Schools! Its evolved since then, and we’ve kept some elements that will be familiar to conference goers: A keynote speaker and a few other short Pecha Kucha/TED style talks; networking; coffee breaks, for example. All those things will be there. We might even sit in a lecture hall or two.

But, the energy, process innovation and outcomes of a StartUp Weekend are the experiential twists we’ve injected into the same old conference experience. The two days will both move you toward prototypes for new courses, programs and learning experiences, as well as provide you training in design methods. You can expect to leave these two days with:

*experience in human centered design methods and rapid prototyping tools — bring them back to your work! Use these processes again!

*bold new ideas to integrate into your work and/or a ready-to-implement prototype of the new course, program, school or experience you seek to build

*a community of collaborators — we’re going beyond networking to deepen relationships among education innovators

*a deeper understanding of current trends and futures forecasts affecting education

 What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a process that enables teams to rapidly create new products (at least in the Google contextwhere this particular term was coined). It is part of the suite of tools and processes associated with design thinking methodologies, in particular popularized through the work of Ideo.

We will be using an adapted design sprint process that we’ve created especially for ReSchool to move teams of participants from ideas to prototypes.

(While you’re looking at links, check out this great toolkit Ideo built just for educators wanting to use design thinking!)

 What is a Case Study? What kinds of ideas will be considered as Cases?  

A Case Study is what we’re calling the ideas that will go through the design sprint process. They will be pitched by team leads, and then design teams comprised of ReSchool participants will work together to move from idea to prototype.

A group of participants will be selected to present their ideas as case studies. More details on the case study selection process is forthcoming.

 What if I do not have an idea I want to work on? Can I still come?


Absolutely. If you are interested in the future of education, in seeing current education models innovated, we absolutely want you to be there. A key part of the design sprint process is forming teams to work on ideas. As a participant not looking to build an idea, you will be an invaluable member of someone else’s team.


This event is hosted by RADIUS, Groundswell, and Ashoka in partnership with RECODE, SFU Surrey, and the BC Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation. We thank the Vancouver Foundation, RBC Foundation, and Bombardier Foundation for their contributions to the event’s success and their continued support for changemaking in education.