The 2015 Showcase Gala: the method, the matrix, the montage

The year end Gala marks the threshold for our projects.   Over the last 5-8 months we have envisioned how we could make a difference in our communities and how we could reshape the economic logic and landscape of Vancouver.  These ideas and actions have resulted in the ventures shared with you, the greater community, with presentations and displays on May 6th, in our beautiful home (and café!) at 566 Powell St.  Check out more photos below! We are riding a great wave of change: the packed cafe during the Gala night was indicative of the growing support of this movement. Groundswell is living proof that Vancouver is ready and moving towards a new, socially and environmentally just economy!


As you may well know, we do things differently here, that's why we developed the Groundswell Social Venture Matrix which was used to showcase the variety of projects at the Gala.


Why a matrix?

The Groundswell process is designed to help you find the best vehicle and revenue model for your idea, so that you can create the type of impact in your community that you envision. Feasibility is key whether it is a co-op, non-profit, community contribution company or sole proprietorship. Launching any of these requires a range of resources or income that some have access to and others don't. The Groundswell Social Venture Matrix is a framework through which various concepts that are birthed and matured through months of ideation, refining and planning here, can be contextualized. Even though we move as a cohort, supporting one another, growing and learning together, not everyone moves at the exact same pace or needs the exact same resources. This matrix provides a comfort zone for showcasing what your idea is, and where it is in the startup process, so you can pitch with confidence about exactly what it is you need and want moving ahead.

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What's next at Groundswell?  Check out upcoming events and the programs starting in September 2015!