On Pain and Growth

  On Pain and Growth, 2014, Sandra Diaz

It's been a couple of months since Groundswell started. On that very day, we were told about this blog and I even signed up to do it a few weeks from then. 
I was not expecting the intense feeling of being shaken that we all seem to have experienced at different points. I arrive home every class day with a full mind. I feel pulled in different directions as ideas that I have held are challenged or sustained by a new perspective. To quiet my mind I remind myself that it is ok to not have an answer... even to be wrong. This doesn't quiet my mind for too long, as all these ideas are there because we are tightly woven into a system that defines our every day and we are trying to have an impact on it. So instead of intellectualizing even more or summarizing passionate discussions that we have had on capitalism and colonialism, I decided to do what I do best and draw the uncomfortable but rewarding process that we are going through. I look forward to more of it as we begin the ideation portion of our classes. 

Sandra Diaz