Lemonade Stand

By Groundswell participant Lance Lim.

"Change is coming, change is here, change has already happened."

I don't know if this is a great quote, only because i'm sure the cliches of change is it the only thing that is constant.   To stand in its way is really not to know its been here and come and gone already.

Thus my journey began, continues moving forward, and onward as a cohort in groundswell.

My blog begins with the "lemonade stand."

A classical tale of myself attempting to make lemonade except it wasn't "yella 'nough."  Hmm, maybe if we add a bit of Mountain dew or countrytime lemonade mix to attract the user.

Heck after all, perception is reality, right? After testing on my ragtag friends in the 3rd grade we developed metrics such as "Mikey does like it, doesn't he?"  

Then there was Q&A which really felt like interrogation.  What do enquiring Mom's want to know whats in our lemonade anyways.  The worst was always the critics or our target audience of  neighborhood kids who fell our product wasn't sweet or sour enough.

Add more sugar, use icing sugar, wait that's flour now our lemonade had a distinct flavor that was unique in our own.

Hence i'm learning about the value proposition i have to offer the world.

It all starts with a pitch and in my case, a yella pitcher.

Focus Lance focus.  A lot to learn and change is a coming!