It’s beginning to look a lot like… REAL LIFE!

by Groundswell participant Andrea wordpressDL copy

It’s beginning to look a lot like… REAL LIFE!

We are heading into the second semester, and the experience is not unlike stepping out of a movie you walk back out into the rain outside and your brain reminds you only a few hours have gone by.

You know this is true, yet in those two hours you lived another life. You witnessed struggles, aspirations and, perhaps, resolution. You walked in someone else´s shoes and, if the story was compelling enough, you might not even walk out unchanged.

Let me assure you… our first semester was compelling enough.

For months now we have been mapping ourselves. Tracing our strengths and weaknesses, our ideas and projects, our fears and passion. They assured us that each experience had left a mark, like stars in the sky and that - if we were brave enough to draw the lines- our own north star would appear.

And so we stood this week hoping all those charts had led us to the right place. We kicked off the week sharing to the group each of our Project ideas. Ranging from detailed plans, draft dreams and key words each idea became a proposition, a very real life scenario.

Then Reilly gave us a quick brain shake by encouraging us to keep our eyes open. To identify who feels the need? And who has the resources? As it's in that intersection where the magic happens. Of course she reminded us that team dynamics can be as crucial as the business idea and encouraged us to look for a team that can create, communicate and manage successfully.