impact IDEA JAM & Ice Cream! August 13th @ 7pm

Happening: Thursday, August 13th @ 7:00Groundswell Café & Clubhouse, 566 Powell St. Reserve your seat:

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There are plenty of good ideas out there that could make this world a better, more equitable, cleaner, greener, happier place - and we are here to help you realize them!

Groundswell is opening it's doors to the public for this event that will let YOU share your great ideas with others who want to make change in this world anhd in your community. We are looking for ideas for projects, ventures or products that can be created by an individual or group and that create a positive impact: whether that be reducing waste and increasing creativity, employing people with barriers to employment, or providing healthy, accessible food. 

But we don't just want to talk about great ideas, we want to put them into ACTION!


0 - Come to the Groundswell clubhouse, 566 Powell St. at 7:00 pm on Thursday, August 13th.

1 - You can share your ideas in small groups - or just listen to the great ideas in the room.  Get some feedback, give some feedback, learn a little, find supporters.

2 - Then, up to two ideas per group will be nominated to be presented to the entire room.  Those ideas will get another round of feedback from our team of expert mentors and the audience.

3 - Finally, one idea - the most feasible, the one with the most impact, and the one with the most dedication behind it - will get voted to the top to WIN a mentoring package with Groundswell's Social Venture Start-Up program & team!

....and eat ice cream!

So, got an idea or want to see what is simmering in people's brains, waiting to be unleashed? Get your ticket (free or donate to support the movement!) and come on down to the Groundswell clubhouse on August 13th!

RSVP here: Email: with any questions