Hypothesizing, interviewing, networking, listening, researching and ... starting over

by Groundswell participant Andrea So far we have been hypothesizing, interviewing, networking, listening, researching and taking all of that back into our business canvas and starting over. Many of the projects – my own included – have morphed into a cousin of the original idea. Hopefully not unlike the many drafts that uncover when we place an oil canvas under the x-rays.

We opened up the space with our weekly presentations. I never fail to be impressed how much people are managing to achieve in such short time. Contacts are made, direction is steered and corrected and you can see each of us growing through-out it all.

Image: Judy Merell

This last Monday we all showed up ready to be pointed into a new landmark. Yet Gilad and Alice stopped us in our tracks and began story time again. Alice shared a vision framework and her own visioning process. Gilad went mythical on us as he shared the story of Moses guiding the newly-made-freeman into the desert that came before the Promised Land. As he illustrated the importance of choosing the right path… not the fastest (40 years wandering around?) but the one that actually gets you where you want to be. For those who just gained freedom it was to imagine how one would behave other than as a slave. A question that probably hadn´t been pondered in generations. It was this question and not really the search for the Promised Land that took them so long to figure out. More likely once they did figure it out they stopped right where they were, realizing they had already arrived to promised land.

Hence, for each of our projects that original vision must prevail. However far we wonder, however much we change, that should be our north star. And so the landmark for the week was revealed, not pointed as it must come from within us, but beckoned on. Knowing that, like Moses himself, many of our projects might never come to see the vision fully realized… how can we make sure we remain explorers and not wanderers?

The answer is to come next Monday as we all unveil our visions and probably measure how far we may have morphed from them!

Image: Hachette

Tuesday morning cradled our vision process as we brainstormed how our projects could look in the bigger picture as a group. Poking and probing on and on as we usually do. Then Tuesday evening was the meeting of the Groundswell Book club as we finished our exploration of The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin. Although it wasn’t planned we could not have chosen a more appropriate topic. A fascinating book on its own and stubbornly intriguing if one reads between the lines. We walked and talk along the vision of an egalitarian non proprietarian world, its counterpart and their inescapable imperfection.

Wednesday was Groundswell Thanksgiving day of shorts. As myself and Irina had been planning a dinner to thank our guest-speakers and other contributors for all of their efforts. It is in times like this that Groundswell flourishes. As some people showed up early to help out and others started arriving with mouth-watering food also our guest started to arrive and the evening thrived. I overheard talk about graduation themes and had a chance to see Melanie S. one of the participant´s of the pilot project. To close the evening with a golden buckle (as we say in Spanish) Russell opened an interview to our new facilitator Alice that morphed into a group sharing process peeling one more layer away in the heart of our GS group.