Crowdfunding with filmmaker Dima Alansari

Dima AlansariDima is a beautiful soul and will be sharing with us her knowledge of producing crowdfunding campaigns for this week's expert in the community session. Join us!

Where: Groundswell Café, 566 Powell St. When: Tuesday, March 3, 5:15 pm

Filmmaker, Multidisciplinary & Theatre Artist, Yoga Teacher and Community Advocate Dima Alansari was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Daughter of a Palestinian/Kuwaiti dad and Lebanese mother, Dima was born and raised in Middle East and appeared on the Vancouver scene in 2010 after co producing the internationally acclaimed National Geographic’s ‘Journey to Mecca, a 2D IMAX® feature-length docu-drama about one of the greatest travelers that ever lived, Ibn Battutta.

Dima Alansari obtained her BA from the Lebanese American University in Radio/TV/Film and Theatre. 
She also completed a Diploma from the New York Film Academy from King’s College London and continued with a Chevening Scholarship to obtain an MA in Feature Film from Goldsmith College, University of London.

With over +14 years experience in the TV & Film production industry, Dima has worked in Kuwait, Lebanon and Dubai and most recently was the General Manager and Executive Producer for one of the top leading and most active film investment and production companies in the Middle East, Desert Door Productions.

urbaninkDima has a history of acting in theatre and presenting on TV in Kuwait where she won a national award ‘best upcoming young actress. She now lives and creates in Vancouver, Canada where she is an artist in residence with MT Space & urban ink productions. She is also the co-founder of Salam Films and Salish Sea Productions. Dima has spent the past two years balancing her artistic and political voice within the community; working with several indigenous non-profit organizations and community centers as a media consultant and Producer.