Cafe opening, financial sheets and the ocean horizon

Congratulations to Groundswell Café! Huge news! Groundswell Café is now open for business! Over the week the last few touches were made to get everything in order before opening. The Wood Shop Co-op made really slick looking boards and a few cohorts from the Groundswell Program filled in the menu. Plants and banners and comfortable seats were brought in. The space has been transformed into a warm and welcoming café and it’s exciting to see all the hard work come to a glorious beginning. Congratulations to all those who put the time and sweat into it.



How do we measure value?

This week in the Groundswell Program we have been working on our financials again with Jeremy Stone. We’ve been given template spreadsheets in order to begin projecting how much we need to make in in order to survive and thrive in this crazy world. Taxes and grant projections yo. The subject of money is always a sensitive subject for me and it seems like a lot of other Groundswell crew. At this stage we have to focus on monetary value of our services as it functions in the real world. How much is our skill set worth when its being purchased by someone else? Where will the money come from to pay our bills? This is a hard question it seems.

Learning from the mentors this week we break away from self doubt and into asking for what we need in order to become the strongest organization we can become. With a strong organization we can do more and reach more.

I see great value in soaking up all the intricate details of running the finances of a business. This stage is all about projecting forward into the avenues that will allow us the resource to run with our ideas. Projecting where money will come from in the future has always been something I avoided but I see great power in being financially ready for what’s to come. It just takes one stress off my mind and lets me do the work I want to do for the people I want to work with. Not money security necessarily but fulfilment! Paying rent and eating should be automatic. You cannot stretch yourself so thin as to affect and maybe stop your work. I’m soaking up all that I can in the 3 weeks we have with Jeremy and getting excited about Spring and Summer portion of the class where we start seeing everyone's ideas come to the surface.

Just to lighten up the financial talk: ART!

I’ve found more interesting and vocal photographs of Vancouver from The Vancouver Flea Market and wanted to share them. Records of our past. Documented sentiments from another time. I have hundreds more if you want a look sometime just ask!




Here are a couple from a series I’m collecting called ‘the ocean horizon’.



These are photographs collected from flea markets and garage sales of the ocean horizon.

The line of the horizon is slightly off in each photo. That error is evidence of a presence behind the camera. The hand is temporary the ocean is eternal.

Theres something about coming to the edge of land and standing in front of an endless outreach of water. When this happens some of us want to capture this event and photograph it. We stand at the edge of land, raise our camera in a moment to remember. Over generations from the 1920’s to present day. The effect of seeing them together is surreal and jarring and reminds me of the similarities we all share, over time and space.

What do we hold common?

Thanks for your time and care!

Billy Koruna