Creating Space to Just Be

- Don't try to fix the world. If you and me are fixed, the world will be fine. -Sadhguru

I heard this quote from a video not too long ago, and it spoke to something deep in me that I’ve been coming back to for quite some time now. This understanding that we, indeed, have all the technology we need, we have all the tools and resources we need, in short, we have ‘everything’, everything ‘outside’…. what we (and I’m speaking as a whole now, not specific to the Groundswell cohort) need is that individual, internal awakening, that individual healing…And I do truly believe that until we can cultivate that inside each and everyone one of us, to take the time, and space, whatever necessary to get there… until we do so, we will keep perpetuating what we see today, we will keep coming up against walls, and our ego’s will dominate. And when we, ourselves make time for that, we make it easier for others to do the same, which is something our rational minds cannot necessarily fathom.

We explore the depths of where technology can take us, but do we explore the depths of our own beings? If not, at what cost?

I think a lot about how that comes about, this ‘awakening’ in each and every one of us. And, I don’t mean to glamorize it or commodify it, because that is happening too... so perhaps I should explain what I mean by the word awakening also recognizing that all of it, even the word itself is beyond words…. And everyone will have a different meaning, and word and that’s okay too, but I shall try to explain where I am at with it, such that we can be on the same page.

To me, it is the deep recognition, beyond verbage, beyond the mind, and into the body - that we are all one, that while  I appear to be in my own body, “separate” from you, that this is simply not true. That what I do ultimately and deeply affects you, and what you do affects me too; as Charles Eisenstein elegantly rephrased the Golden Rule As you do unto others, so you are doing unto yourself. That until we truly embody this understanding - that we are so deeply interconnected, and dependent on each other for our survival and that we need to cooperate, not compete (indeed this is what mother nature does)….we will continue to inflict pain on others as we try to “do the right thing”, or maybe we’re still in an endless pursuit of success, money, and fame… in these moments we are letting the ego take hold. Wherever we are in our journey, all of this needs to fall away before we can truly co-exist as a species in harmony with everything else.

It’s love, and it’s letting love embody oneself. It’s stepping outside and feeling immense gratitude for the sun shining down, feeling the energetic presence of the trees, the grass, the birds, the insects, and our neighbor passing by on the sidewalk and sharing in conversation with them. It’s realizing that everything is perfect and we had all we needed all along, inside each and every one of us. That all we need to be is love.

I have moments where this feeling is indescribably intense and it’s these experiential moments that help me to articulate it further what I’m trying to say, and that help hold me in this story of interbeing, as its easy to get pulled back into the chaotic ego-infused state out there.

Everyone is so incredibly different (and yet so similar); we are all affected by things differently, and we all have our own individual moments of awakening; some are quick, some are slow, some are neither and go beyond the binary expressions in this world of ours. I ponder a lot about how it emerges in others. vision board collagesLast week we had an opportunity to come together and let our creative brains work for a bit, give our logical, analytical sides a break – we did vision boards. At the end we went around to share what we had done and what I found lit a spark in my soul was the realization that….we, as a cohort, while fairly similar in our convictions as what drew us to Groundswell appears to all have similar threads at the roots, we all produced such beautifully unique pieces. . . it made me think of snowflakes, so seemingly similar and yet so wonderfully unique, each in their own beautiful way, inside and out. I thought about how both of those things can be used synergystically. How we, as humanity, can continue to be our unique selves, and yet come together under a common narrative, a narrative that goes beyond cultures, beyond genders, beyond borders, beyond whatever traditional means we’ve used to separate ourselves….we’re all here, together, on this one and only planetary home.

Somedays…actually, most days…I don’t really know what is going on, or what’s to happen to us, collectively, on this planet. Things are messy, and life is pretty insane right now, truly. Sometimes I just want to stand at the top of a building and yell as loud as I can hoping people will hear and snap out of ‘it’. If I get in my head I get worried, stressed, feel helpless and scared. But when I tap into the place inside me that goes deeper than all of that, which is hard to describe using words, I feel a sense of peace, harmony, and a deep knowing that despite everything, it’s all going to be okay, we’re all okay.

I’m trying to make more space for that, to sit with that space so it can re-energize me and allow me to continue, so that the ego isn't always the dominating force; such that I can get out of my head and into my body.

Our bodies are insanely intuitive, and have many gifts to offer us when we work as one (both within our bodies, and together as a humanity), not as a separated mind-only unit. I just want to clarify too (and I have to do so because of the current dominating narrative we live in) this doesn't mean that I sit around and “enjoy” because I feel everything’s going to be all right…. of course right in front of me I see many injustices…but it’s taking time to cultivate space for that energy to take shape, to heal the pain of being in the mind a lot, and to allow for different outlooks, perspectives, and guidance. Making this space allows me to continue to transform, and without that underlying piece, that deep knowledge, awareness, sensation of truth….I’m not sure I’d be able to continue.

buttonsI see a lot of doing in GS in this second semester, which I understand. Which is important, as long as the doing is in alignment with our utmost inner core/truth/being (however you wish to word it), and is not simply a “going-through-the-motions”. However, I also want to allow for space to just be, if that is where we are. I know I’ve brought this up in class a lot…but here I go again. ☺ Our hyper-speed to-do world can make us feel like nothing if we’re not doing…but non-doing is incredibly empowering, and brings with it its own truth. (And just to be clear, I don’t mean non-doing as in…sitting around hanging, in ignorance…I mean accepting that maybe right now, we simply don’t know, and allowing space for being with that and let that guide us). We’ve been through a lot, beyond even our present life-time….. while most of us are relatively young, we are part of a history of many many years, and it’s all deeply interconnected, that energy continues on, builds upon itself. When we take the time upfront to make that space, what emerges is something greater than we’d have ever thought possible.

Let us remember, we, individually, inside, need to heal before the whole world can heal; as what is outside is but a reflection of what resides inside each and every one of us. To sit, to be....It's okay to not have all the answers.

Written by Jocelynn Rodrigues,  Groundswell participant