5 Powerful ways in which Passion can change the world


By Olga Nardy, Cohort 9, Groundswell Build

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Not so long ago, I read an article where a particular sentence really stood out for me. It struck a massive chord in my heart. It pretty much stated that if every single human being pursued what they were passionate about, the world’s poverty, inequality, violence, oppression, and all its injustice would no longer exist. Such a straightforward concept. It really resonated with me, mostly because I believe it to be true. Let me tell you why I think it to be true.

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As part of cohort 9, at the Groundswell Community Build Program the one thing that I see all the participants have in common is ‘passion.’  We are all pursuing an idea which we are passionate about, in one way or another.

There is something about a passion that holds the key to the doorway of our entire being. It’s a connection point to 5 powerful things.

1. A spoke in the wheel of ‘contribution.’

Passion is an intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for something. When we are brave enough to pursue that intense enthusiasm, it directs us towards where we are to make a meaningful contribution in the world. For some, the first inkling of one’s passion is a very subtle and gentle knock on the door. While for others it can be a hurricane that rips your front door off its hinges! Either way, when pursued you become a spoke in the wheel of contribution in the world. It’ s that magical contribution which enables to change the world in a way that every human being deep down longs for

2. Unique gifts and talents.

We are all born with very unique gifts and talents. Many of us don’t manage to figure out what they are.  When you feel the tugging’s of intense enthusiasm for something, don’t ignore it.  Our gifts and talents are usually unearthed when we allow ourselves to pursue what we feel passionate about.

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3. Unfoldment of gifts and talents.

Our talents become more refined the more we pursue what we are passionate about. There's a joy and ease with which we pursue what we are excited about. In the same token, there is an ease with which we tap into our unique gifts and talents while pursuing that passion. Your true essence comes forth the more that you allow yourself to be authentic.

4. A journey of healing

You will find that what you are passionate about has already been embedded within you since you were a small child. How that passion was embedded differs from person to person. In the process of honoring and following your passion, emotions will be remembered and cleared. That’s the healing journey of embracing your unique passion. It’s a beautiful collaborative cycle. Pursuing your passion enables you to undergo a healing journey which reveals to you your unique gifts and talents.

5. You stop being indifferent.

A genuinely significant thing happens when you embrace your passion, healing journey, gifts, and talents. You stop being indifferent. Richard Rudd, in his book The Gene Keys, writes that indifference is an energy field created by all human beings on this planet that do not pursue what they would really love to be doing. This state is created by fear. And we all know too well that there is way too much of that going on in the world today.

When you lead your life from a different space, one of intense enthusiasm, you focus your precious time and life force on things that matter. Your enthusiasm creates a sense of higher purpose. It becomes difficult to ignore your own dreams and to look away when others are in distress.

It is in this space that you can finally stand in your full power. Making a contribution to the world, that when we all commit to, will be the tipping point that will see the world become what we all in our hearts want it to be.

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