Groundswell Interview Series With Founder Gilad Babchuk

Groundswell Gilad Babchuk social entrpreneur.jpg

We sat down with Groundswell co-founder and program mentor Gilad Babchuk to learn more about what makes the organization's programs so unique and why so many budding social entrepreneurs are turning to Groundswell to help them launch their businesses. 


How Is Groundswell Unique From The Other Business Schools And Incubators You Find In Vancouver?

Gilad: Groundswell is an alternative business school that takes big and small ideas and turns them into socially conscious businesses. We believe that when people work from their strengths and get the chance to share their unique gift with the world, magic happens. We give people the confidence, skills, resources, and space to find their unique gifts and put it to work for themselves and for their communities.

What’s unique about Groundswell’s programs is that you get to build your confidence while building your business. And, you get to do this in real time in a practical, hands-on way with ongoing mentorship and an ecosystem of personal and professional support systems.

What Makes Groundswell’s Explore And Build Programs So Popular?

Gilad:When you go to business school, they always talk about the “gap in the market.” At Groundswell, we like to start with the gap that’s in you. It’s important for entrepreneurs to understand what drives them, what motivates them, what makes them happy and what makes them tick. Starting a business takes a lot from a person so you really need to have passion, the right skill set, and the internal drive and inspiration to tirelessly put in the work to turn your ideas into reality.

Being a social entrepreneur is hard work, and Groundswell prepares you for that. You’re going to quickly see that all your hard work was worth it and you’re going to feel a sense of pride you never thought was possible.

Check back next week and learn what Gilad has to say about discovering yourself and building your confidence so that you can achieve your dream of owning your own socially-conscious business. See you all soon!