Groundswell Interview Series With Gilad Babchuk: An Entrepreneur's Journey To Success

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Last week we learned how Gilad Babchuk, co-founder of Vancouver's only alternative business school for social entrepreneurs, helps aspiring small business owners build confidence while building their business at Groundswell. This week we'll hear about Groundswell's EXPLORE program and how it helps students get out of their own way so they can get back on their path towards a creating a more meaningful livelihood. 

Tell Me More About Groundswell’s Explore Program?

Gilad: The Explore program is all about you discovering yourself and building your confidence so that you can achieve your dream of owning your own socially-conscious business.

We call it the Explore program, but what it really is is a journey. And, when you’re on that journey, prepare to be exposed. The Explore program at Groundswell is all about discovering yourself and what drives you. It’s about figuring out what you love and what you need to be doing so that you can be your best self.

At its core, Groundswell’s Explore program is a safe space where you can ask all of those big questions that keep you up at night like, “Who am I? What am I capable of? What do I deserve? Can I truly have what I want?”

Up until 2018, we had a 6 month program, where we did Explore and Build all at once. Now we’re separating the programs. Once you take the 1-month Explore program with us and you discover all the things you need to know about yourself and what you want from a business, you’ll know whether you’re ready for the Build program.

What Can People Expect Upon Completion Of Groundswell’s 1 Month Explore Program?

Gilad: Students come out of the Explore program knowing themselves better. They’ll have a business idea that is ready for validation. This business will work for them as a person. It feels right, it feeds into their passion. People in the Explore program feel excited, empowered, and ready to take action. They feel like they now have a clear path ahead of them. Groundswell simply helps move you out of your own way.

And, the ideas that come out of Explore aren’t just pipe dreams. We help you develop these ideas. We help you get clarity on what you want and what the product or service will look like. And, then we test these ideas in the market. Our process is methodical while still being practical. We dig deep into the individual and we do the hard work with you.

The next step after Explore is the validation process in the community, through our Test Market program. This is where you validate whether or not people actually need what you’re creating. We help all our students with this process.

Join us next week and learn how Gilad and his team will help you build your very own socially-conscious business in 5 months through Groundswell's BUILD program! See you soon!