Meet Emily Chow, Build Program Lead Educator

Entrepreneurship is a journey for both the individual and the business they want to build. It’s about asking yourself all the hard questions of who you are, why you want what you want, what value you have to offer, and what is going to keep you inspired and strong when the going gets tough. I know firsthand the importance of having a strong support system to cheer you on and to help you find answers to the questions that scare you most. Groundswell is here for you and so am I.
- Emily

For more than 14 years, organizations have trusted Emily to be a strategic partner and extension of their marketing team. Her focus is and always has been on accelerating growth and helping organizations make great first impressions. You’ll often find her training and empowering marketing and sales teams to take back control of the marketing process and streamlining their everyday operations. Some of the amazing organizations Emily has had the honour of working with include the launch of LivingSocial in Western Canada followed by its expansion into Asia Pacific and Europe; Amazon; The Food Network; Mark Kay; Tiger Balm; and Vespa.

Emily is on a mission to redefine content marketing and sales strategy so that it includes not only the way you market and sell, but also the way you support, retain and evangelize your business's community. Let’s toast to that.

Always one to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, she pushes her students to demand more of themselves. As a long time entrepreneur and Women’s Enterprise Centre mentor, she knows the value of personal development in any business owner’s journey and is committed to helping solopreneurs do things a little differently to get what they want. Exploring new markets, driving social change, and building thriving communities, requires entrepreneurs to not only be strong leaders, but to also become the solution to the problems they’re trying to solve.

To be successful in the new economy means to uncover and celebrate the unique strengths of every business owner and to put them to work. It’s about asking the right questions, doing whatever it takes to the get the answers, and working tirelessly to achieve your goals. While having fun, of course. =)