Meet Jim Barker, Groundswell co-founder and Mentor


Jim is a co-founder and director of Groundswell.  He sees the world in a unique way that puts his heart at the front of every business decision...and he's had years of experience to share doing just that!  Jim is a serial entrepreneur having created successful businesses over the past 25 years. He has a diverse portfolio including employment training and recruitment, travel management, bars, restaurants and computer software/financial services. Highlights include: with funding from the British Government he created the first industry-specific "job club" helping over 1000 long- term unemployed people get back into work, for which he received a National training award.

He created NIS Europe, a Travel Management company, employing over 130 people with a turnover of $60m; he has built a chain of wine bars in the northwest of England and created and still owns The Metropolitan, one of the most successful pubs in Britain, employing over 60 people, with numerous awards to its name. He is a founder and Director of Conferma Ltd, a global technology business which offers virtual payment solutions.

Jim moved from Manchester, UK to Vancouver in 2012 with his wife and five children and all are smitten with the west coast.   Except when he can't get a proper cup o' tea.