Meet Catherine Ludgate, Groundswell advisor

Vancity has been a long time and important partner for Groundswell, taking their role above and beyond "funder" and acting as advisors, workshop educators, loan partners and more. Catherine Ludgate is a special person at Vancity that we are honoured to have sit on our advisory team. She holds strong ethics, compassion and business acumen simultaneously and never ceases to leave us without an "ah-ha!" moment after every meeting. Catherine manages Community Investments at Vancity, where she embodies the principles of co-operatives in all her work and relationships.  Thank you for all your dedication and support, Catherine!


A dedicated co-operator, collaborator and community builder, I have a talent for translating complex tools available to government and for-profits (financial services, legal tools, communication vehicles) into accessible and relevant tools for the not-for-profit /social benefit sector, in service of social change missions and mandates. 

I am committed to principles five (member education), six (co-operation among co-ops) and seven (concern for community) of co-operation. I am a strong and encouraging leader of teams, investor in staff personal and professional development, and a believer in the idea that we can do more, and make more positive changes, together. I am that person who can be counted on to say "we can do that, we can make that happen" and then commit completely to delivering on that promise.

I have strong writing and strategic planning skills, a great ability to identify system wide fixes or scale opportunities, and talent for understanding diverse points of view on any given challenge. I am a serial social entrepreneur, and a talented public speaker and story teller. I love developing workshops and training materials, with a focus on skills transfer and capacity building. I love helping others develop their own talents and step into their own leadership.