Journal Entry, Week One


By Gabby Villasenor, Cohort 8, Groundswell Build

Each week, a participant in Groundswell’s Build program shares reflections, learnings, and experiences from their journey of building a social venture. See current and past participant posts in the Student Blog.

Good Morning,

Today I choose to ride this motivation wave; however it presents itself today. 

Hitting the ground at a beautiful pace (not in a full sprint).

gabby blog post.jpeg

This past week was filled with people who light my heart up the most. As I just got back from Europe, I couldn’t wait to see all of my people. I was constantly filling time gaps in my schedule with my closest friends - hiking, coffee hang outs, and rain walks around the seawall. Spending my minutes with all of those humans truly energizes me beyond belief in those moments. And before you know it, it’s the end of the week and as I reflect on the time I prioritized for myself, it feels scarce. I suddenly felt anxious by Friday and didn’t feel rested. 

Prioritizing time for you keeps you level, it allows you to connect and check-in with yourself - enabling you to show up as powerfully as you can for those around you (including yourself). You can’t fully show up if you aren’t full.

Building off of that feeling of ‘fullness’, I began my program at Groundswell this week and I’m so grateful to share this space with such unique individuals. I’m beyond excited to be a part of a room where the flow of new ideas, insightful questions, and inquisitive conversation is ongoing. It’s truly inspiring hearing other people’s passions and aspirations. 

Even with all the pouring inspiration and motivation around me, I lacked my usual levels during the week. I felt restless when I sat down to work and I truly didn’t experience very many moments of flow - and then this weekend hit. 

The more my friends inquired about my business and questions like: “This is amazing, how can I support you?” began to fill the room, I felt the same energetic pull that prompted me to start in the first place. Living into my purpose. I was so inspired and excited all over again and came to a place of organically working in flow. You couldn’t pull me away from my computer even if you tried. This weekend was all about action and quality > quantity. I spent my minutes intentionally and left room for personal reflection and restoration. 

Moving into a new week, I’m keeping this at my forefront. I feel grounded, motivated, rested, and ready to fully immerse myself wherever my time takes me.