'bated breath - Stefania Indelicato

Improving communication ~ one role at a time.

'bated breath was founded by actress, writer, and independent theatre producer, Stefania Indelicato, as a part of the Groundswell Social Venture Entrepreneurship Program.

With an ever-changing, and diversifying planet which seems only to get smaller as technology advances, we are becoming increasingly exposed to a level of diversity that for many, is a new experience. As much as the use of emojis, text messaging and translator tools have broadened our range of communication, our interpersonal relationships continue to suffer from isolation and social anxieties.

‘bated breath addresses this by reconnecting people to who they are when they are most comfortable and bringing that person to the forefront, engaging and empowering people to communicate clearly, compassionately, and cross-culturally, at a time when this is more pressing than ever.

Stefania Indelicato, founder

Stefania Indelicato, founder