In the window, Groundswell, 566 Powell St.

In the window, Groundswell, 566 Powell St.

by Jolayne Fung, current Groundswell participant

When friends ask me what my experience in the Groundswell Build Program has been like, I have taken to relating my experience to team sport. I have been thinking about team sport a lot lately - my 3.5 year old daughter is expressing interest in all that she sees going on at the community centres, diamonds, playing fields and clubhouses around, and she often asks “ Mom, can I play that? ”

I started competing in team sport when I was 4 years old and I didn’t stop until I was 18. I have spent over 15 years with children under 5, observing and learning and being a team with them. I am somewhat of an expert and was an athlete but never have I engaged in anything I would call a team sport, with children. I know my daughter could “play that”, she has the confidence and agility but I turned to Google for some insight into the benefits of team sport at a young age. What I found immediately resonated with me and the Groundswell experience, as we move through our social ventures from the first practice to the season finale.

Benefits of Team Sport:    

Builds Confidence and Awareness         +         Provides consistent exercise and coaching     +    Develops relationships       +           Helps put winning into perspective        +        Fosters respect        +       Communication         +        Goal setting   +        Focus   +       Accepting + Providing Feedback   +       Fun

My favourite in relation to my Groundswell experience is: Helps put winning into perspective!

As we reach the six week countdown to our Social Venture Showcase evening, the end of our Build program, Cohort 6 as we are known is showing telltale signs of moving from a group of individual players who came together based on a common purpose, into a solid team. Realizing that with practice and coaching, our perspectives, strengths, attributes and weaknesses are stronger together and together, we do have what it takes to win. We are a winning team!

I am thankful for our team, our coaches and all of the trainers that have strengthened our skills sets and abilities, motivated us along the way and who will surely refer to us as champions for years to come. Our season is drawing to a close, it is almost time for our team as we know it, to disband. And that is okay because the benefits of this experience will stay with us and Groundswell will forever be our Clubhouse.