Dance of Hope - Dima Itskovich

By Dima Itskovich

International touring ensemble from Uganda.

We use the primal transforming power of music and dance to raise awareness and improve the way of life for children in war torn, disease stricken, and impoverished communities.

The 2017/18 North American Dance of Hope tour comprises of school outreach programs, community workshops, and performances. Signing up for a fully immersive one-week program will bring the entire Dance of Hope Troupe to your school for hands on workshops designed to deliver a unique and wide ranging cultural experience. In addition to classroom visits, discussions, and workshops children and adults from different countries and backgrounds will find a common space to engage and connect with each other. Story telling, song, dance, and learning to play traditional African instruments are all part of our program that aims to make African history, culture, and lifestyle much more accessible and interactive than reading about it in a textbook. The week long immersion completes with a colorful performance by African and North American kids dressed in traditional clothing, dancing and singing side by side in front of parents, students, teachers, and local community.

Our programs are designed to be delivered meaningfully to elementary, middle, high school, and university level students. Our intention is to bring Africa to local classrooms and communities such that people can learn to play music from the instrument maker, learn to sing from the song writer, hear stories from young real life heroes, and experience African culture and history from indigenous Africans. We hope that lifetime connections will be made among kids of various backgrounds in addition to ongoing communication and friendship for years to come.

by Dima Itskovich with founders Bosco & Kinobe

by Dima Itskovich with founders Bosco & Kinobe