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Dyeing for an Awakening
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Founded by Daphne Woo

by Daphne Woo

by Daphne Woo

Raising awareness around the social & environmental impacts of the garment industry through slow fashion alternatives, and experiential education. I provide naturally-dyed textile art, textile dyeing workshops, jewelry of natural materials, consulting and graphic recording services. With nature as my guide, my ultimate aim is to tap into the Slow Movement through alternatives to a connected life. Advocating a cultural shift toward slowing down life's pace.

Having originally started Amacata in 2009, I have rekindled its’ purpose into social venture, 7.5 years later.

AMACATA was derived from the mirror image of ATACAMA, … reflecting properties of the Desert: … raw, pure, natural landscape. Imagine such a space where you can make room for introspection.


AMACATA ... A Connected Life Guided by Patterns in Nature