Program Spotlight: Groundswell Stream

At Groundswell, we believe positive social change and transformative personal experiences are created when individuals work together in an inclusive, supportive social ecosystem – what we call the Groundswell community. Our community includes an ever-growing groundswell of alumni, experts in social change action and community development, serial social entrepreneurs, a team of legal and financial advisors, tech innovators, and others that are part of this movement working towards a better world.

Here is your chance to join us!

The Stream evening & weekend program is an accessible way to get involved in the Groundswell community and tap into our network, while getting a high caliber collection of support systems, knowledge and tools.

You will be joining our core program’s full day Saturday workshops, which cover the pillars of social venture development with experts in the field.  The workshops are supported by Professional Development sessions on Friday evenings with one-on-one mentoring to bring your best self into your project aspirations, and find a greater chance of success. Plus, Stream includes Tuesday evening sessions featuring guest speakers, social potlucks with Groundswell members, special pitch feedback panels, and more.