life skills - 1

By Groundswell participant, Lyn Brooks


what is life skills?  or what do you imagine as life skills?

the phrase brings to mind learning, learning often simply by giving it a go.  

say you are not really sure about the four letter word blog, initial postings will be a life skill learning.  

today's image portrays a life skills moment, of a universal understanding.

is there not an overriding feeling saying this way, or follow me.

we will explore life skills and its community connections.  ideas, thoughts and situations which help make us mindful.  a moment in the present. 

we also explore community.  how life skills connect to and within.

the journey throughout will be on healthy living in the broadest definition.

on healthy living life skills actions, interests, desires and general well being.

life skills tenet:  start, keep an open mindset, and never give up….


Stayed tuned for part II...