Vancity Board Elections - Groundswell Recommends...

Until Friday, April 22nd, Vancity members have the opportunity vote for up to three candidates in the credit union's 2016 Board of Directors' Election.  Judging by how many hands go up at our events and classes when a Vancity rep asks, "who's a member?", we thought we'd let you know a little bit more about two candidates running for the election that we are proud to have as active and generous members of the Groundswell community: Farrell Segall & Rachel Forbes. 

Both Farrell and Rachel give back to the community with contributions whose positive effects ripple out, increasing social connections, knowledge and capacity far beyond their immediate influence.   They increase community capital by pursuing their passions and sharing their skills, the embodiment of Groundswell's ethos

Farrell rarely shows up at Groundswell empty handed: from a laser cut map of the neighbourhood to the funds to cover web development for one of our participant's ventures, he is steadily generous. He has a keen eye for producing the thing that will work best and that will have the most impact in a given situation, whether that's a particular physical invention (yes, he's an inventor!) or a personal introduction to someone in his diverse and extensive network.  He has also rolled up in the Maker Mobile Van to support Groundswell events, infecting people with curiosity with his inquisitive nature and supporting bike or laptop repairs curbside of Powell Street.   A true renaissance man, Farrell has a vast repository of knowledge to draw on, is always sharing, and smiling. 

Rachel is a friend of Groundswell's with razor sharp intellect, the woman you want in the room when complex situations need to be maneuvered and little resources are on hand.  She has upped Groundswell's game in her role as a capacity builder, something she self describes as and something we've seen her deliver on in many instances, from grant writing to strategic planning to human resources. Not anyone can blend experience in law, sustainable community planning, organizational capacity building, governance and governance supporting roles, with the sure-footedness and practical expertise that Rachel offers.  It is always a pleasure to work with her.  Plus, she's super friendly as approachable to boot.

These two folks put the greater good first in their work and hobbies, a perfect fit for Groundswell's reciprocal community and Vancity's community owned credit union.  Rachel and Farrell would provide extremely diverse and experience rich capacity to Vancity's Board of Directors.  

So get out there and make your credit union truly yours!  You can check out other candidates and vote now online at  
Check out what makes credit unions special (aka different from banks) and use your right to vote in Vancity's election!


Learn more about Farrell on Vancity's website here.


Learn more about Rachel on Vancity's website here