10 Ways to Democratize the Economy

01_0 Gar Alperovitz is one of a a growing number of thinkers specifying exactly what a new economy could look like. Here are his ten steps to democratizing the economy, from Shareable:

  1. Put your money in a credit union, and participate in its governance.
  2. Help build a worker co-op or encourage interested businesses to transition to employee ownership and adopt social and environmental standards as part of their missions. (hello, Groundswell!)
  3. Organize your community so that local government spending is determined by inclusive neighborhood deliberations on key priorities (participatory budgeting)
  4. Make nonprofit institutions like universities and hospitals use their resources to fight poverty, unemployment, and global warming. (hello, divestment campaigns!)
  5. Build community power through economic development and community land trusts.
  6. Organize to use public finances for community development. (i.e. make local governments invest locally).
  7. Get your workplace to offer more retirement-plan opportunities for responsible investment.
  8. Democratize energy production to create a green economy - Get involved in public and cooperative utilities to fight climate change.
  9. Get your religious organization to move its money to a local financial institution involved in community development.
  10. Fight unemployment by joining the fight against work = seek out opportunities for work sharing.

That's a daunting list of tasks, and an inspiring list of opportunities. Nobody needs to be directly involved in all ten - pick something local that you can start with, and you'll soon be part of a vast global community that is both envisioning and building the new, more democratic economy.